Suguidesign is a project developed by the designers Susana Gonçalves and Guilherme Gonçalves, graduated by ESAD (Superior School of Arts e Design) developing a doctoral research process in the areas of Design and drawing, by the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Since 1997 they dedicate themselves to the development of furniture projects, products and interior spaces of the commercial sector and housing. Their projects are based on the feature and on the ability to combine different materials, in the conceptual search of language with its own identity, obtaining different alternatives and answers to the user’s needs.

Simão Malheiro

It all started as a child when his father taught him how to draw and made him discover his passion for the freedom that the design is capable of transmitting. He draws from an early age and the curiosity to see how everything works and why things are as they are given him the start to what would later be his career path. During his journey he always followed the artistic path as a choice in his studies. He always knew that he wanted to draw but only later on decided to choose the design as the main focus in his life. After graduating in Industrial Design at IPCA college in Portugal he began working on a furniture company. The passion for drawing alongside with the furniture influences from his father who worked all his life in the furniture industry took the course to follow the path of furniture design. The influences in his designs came from the 50´s and 60´s furniture, the American furniture best known these days as retro style. The functionality and simplicity of the pieces made him fall in love with the style. Now his work focus on design pieces of furniture whit two main influences, the retro style like Paul McCobb style mixed with new ideas and shapes with a new and modern look like Mark Newson designs. This mixed influences result in something interesting and functional. In the future he plans to take more and more risks on his designs to explore more shapes, styles and materials.